Incubators in School

Everything you need to hatch chickens in your classroom

Hatching chickens in the classroom gives children the opportunity to witness first hand the joy of seeing a young chick hatch, this provides focus for many activities.

The Owl Experience will hand deliver and set up all the equipment and brief the teachers on how to use the equipment, full instructions and a contact number will also be left. The incubators we use are fully automatic and apart from topping up with water, need no intervention once up and running.

The incubator has a clear plastic dome so the children can see the eggs at all times, and you can see the excitement of the children as the eggs start to hatch.

Equipment supplied

1. Fully automatic incubator

2. Fully set up by us

3. 7 eggs

4. Instructions

5. Brooder with heat lamp

6. Food

7. Collection of all equipment and chicks at the end of the hire period.

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